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Isaac Cates

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Isaac Cates has achieved international fame as an artist, composer, arranger, choral director, and educator. He began playing piano at age four and went on to study at the University of Missouri Conservatory of Music, where he began arranging and setting sacred texts to music. He records with his own group “Ordained,” and has conducted gospel workshops and performed to sold out audiences in Italy, Switzerland, England, Spain, and Germany. He also serves as gospel choral director at the Church of The Resurrection, a large United Methodist church in Leawood, KS.

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Kansas City has such a rich gospel tapestry. I'm So Glad I get to experience not only the talent, but the anointing of the vessels God has blessed to share the gift of song through. I look forward to the world getting to understand the influence our artists have had. Thank you to all those involved in bringing this story to life.

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Thank you so much. We look forward to continuing to show the I’m So Glad film to as many people as possible.

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